Cosmetic Odontology is devoted to create a smile perfection or to imitate natural teeth through the combination of different procedures or materials, as teeth whitening, ceramic or Composite veneers, reconstructions of Composite and ceramic dental crowns free of metal.

In order to achieve a better result, sometimes we perform a multidisciplinary task that might include orthodontics (to correct dental positions) or Periodontics (to correct the gingival-gum).

Dental veneers

Cosmetic Odontology

Veneers are fine blades, between 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm of thickness, that cover all the front face of the teeth. They are made up of different materials, such as composite or ceramics.

They are applied in order to redesign a damaged smile caused either by the shape or inappropriate size of the tooth (microtooth or conoids teeth), changes in teeth colour – maybe due to medications (tetracycline)-, or dental dimming caused by endodontic treatments where teeth whitening is not able to restore the colour of the original teeth.