It’s an artificial element designed to restore the anatomy of one or more teeth. They can either be Removal prostheses (for donning and doffing) or fixed (finally cemented in the mouth). The choice of one or the other depends on the general health state of the teeth and gums, and requires professional assessment and diagnosis.

Types of dental prostheses:

  • TOTAL: Includes top and bottom, and it’s used in patients that have no teeth left.
  • PARTIAL: To replace one or more teeth.
  • FIXED: It’s a prosthesis that cannot be removed from the mouth, uses a minimum of two teeth as pillars for support. It is useful to replace one or more parts of lost teeth.
  • MIXED PROSTHESES: Include a part fixed in mouth and another that the patient can withdraw.
  • IMPLANT-SUPPORTED PROSTHESES: It’s the one where implants serve as support and can be either fixed or mixed.

Dental prosthesis