It is responsible one when dealing with problems related to the dental nerve.

It is the best option available when the cavity is too deep or when a fracture involving the nerve has occurred. Its aim is to preserve the tooth in the mouth because when the dental nerve necrosis (dies), the bacteria get stuck inside the ducts causing a cyst, a fistula or an abscess, sometimes facing pain. Therefore, the goal of endodontics is to clean and disinfect these ducts and proceed to hermetically seal the tooth by inserting a material that reaches the end of the root.

Our clinic is provided with the very latest technological advances in endodontics, seeking to improve success rates in treatments, such as:

  • Intraoral imaging: Takes low-radiation radiographies.
  • Apex locator: Accurately detects the end of the root.
  • Rotary Motor and thermoplastic sealing systems.