The multidisciplinary and professional team of our clinic is devoted to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental diseases caused by aging, such as extractions, total prosthesis and prosthesis on implants, among others.
These treatments on elder patients also require a deep understanding of medical and dental aspects, including systemic complexity, multiple dental conditions, decrease of the functional capacity, loss of independence and misinformation regarding dental care in the old age.

Our main goal is to provide assistance to elderly people with reduced mobility so that they can access the usual services offered by the Dental Clinics.

The clinic provides the elderly patients with the service of care home, guaranteed by experienced professionals specialized in the different fields of dental health.

Our services are:

  • Scan and diagnostics of premalignant lesions in the oral cavity.
  • Pharmacological control of several oral infections.
  • Partial or Complete dental prosthetic.
  • Repairs and relines of dentures.
  • Basic periodontal maintenance.
  • Training and courses on oral hygiene for auxiliary staff, family and patients.
  • Training for the staff in charge of taking care of elderly patients to de able to identify possible anomalies in the mucous membranes, teeth and prosthesis.