Is the specialty of dentistry focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the tissues that support the teeth. The most common periodontal diseases affecting dentition are gingivitis and periodontitis.

Periodontal treatment is based on removing the calculus in the roots by means of a manual curettage of quadrants or by a cavitron, thus recovering the health of the gums.

Therefore, we strongly recommend a visit with your dentist to check the status of your gums, a deep brushing after each meal followed by a mouthwash and an oral hygiene every 6 months as to prevent periodontal diseases and its consequences.

It is the swelling and redness of the gums in which there is bleeding and sensitivity when brushing the teeth. If not detected and treated on time, bacteria might attack the bone giving rise to a periodontitis.

The bone becomes extremely weakened and destroyed to the extent that the damage is irreversible due to a buildup of calculus and plaque that cause tooth mobility and tooth loss in the worst case scenario.